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Here you can find our awards

The OSA Award

This beautiful award will be delivered to anyone making contact with

  the clubstation ON4OSA or other special calls it may have.

  Hereafter are the conditions:

  All OM's and SWL's.

  There are no exceptions as to mode and band.

  However contacts via repeaters are not acceptable.

  All qso's from January 1 2008 are admitted.


  The points:

  EU and ON stations : 10 qso's.

  DX stations :  5 qso's.


  All modes are admitted.

  All calls the clubstation might have are admitted such as:

  ON4OSA,ON9BD,ON70REDSTAR and eventually other future calls.


  Expenses :

  EU and ON stations : 5 euro.(no IRCs pls)

  DX stations : 10 us Dollars (no IRCs pls)

  (extra post expense can be changed if necessary)


  Send your application with copy of log (via e-mail) to :

  This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


   c.o. De Bruyn G
   Jozef Cuyverstraat 44
   2610 Wilrijk


Het ON70REDSTAR award

Unfortunately, this item is not (yet) translated into English. Our apologies for this.

Het ON70REDSTAR award


The Belgian Lightship Award


  This award is edited by the Antwerp UBA section OSA in collaboration

  with the MAS,Museum at the River Schelde.


  Purpose is to promote activity from active or inactive belgian lighttowers,

  lightships or lightbeacons.

  Here are the rules :

  A station needs 10 qso's to obtain the award.

  Contacts are valid with the special call ON9BD (lightship) or members

  of OSA.You'll find their call’s on

  Contacts are only valid after Jan 1 2008.

  There are no restictions as to band or mode.

  Contacts via repeaters or internet are NOT VALID.

  Contacts must be located from the same DXCC country.

  The only exception to above rules is /A,/P,/M or /MM location.


  The QTH must clearly be indicated on the qslcard as lightship,lightbeacon

  lighttower as well as in the log.(number and/or latitude/longitude)

  You can activate a lighttower,lightship or beacon yourself :

  - install your station near a Belgian lighttower,lightship or beacon

    preferably on the building itself if accessible or within a distance

    of 1000 meters.

    Other installations are not valid.


    Make 10 contacts while on the spot.

  - How to obtain the award ?

    Send a selfaddressed envelope or a message via e-mail to the manager

    and pay the necessary contribution on the following account:

    bank number; 776-5952939-49 or

    Iban nr; BE97 7765 9529 3949 both in the name of OSA.

    The selfaddressed envelope should contain the log of the contacts and

    a list of the qslcards,certified by the signature of 2 amateurs.

    The due contribution is as follows:

    ON stations : 5 Euro

    EU stations : 10 Euro

    DX stations : 10 Euro or 10 $ us.

    No IRC's please.



    This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it


    C/O Clubstation  OSA

    Jozef Cuyverstreeat 44

    2610 Antwerp/Belgium


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